How to avoid gender gap as a freelancer

Tired of the glass ceiling in the corporate world?

Reaching your potential as a professional woman in the workplace is difficult. Women are taking high-powered jobs, however, they are much less likely to advance to C-level positions. Ambitious women are increasingly turning to self-employment, especially freelancing, as it offers the best work-life balance.

Is there a gender gap in the freelancer world?

Unfortunately, the gender gap in pay also exists in the freelance industry. Women tend to charge less than men to get clients; they need to develop the confidence and mindset to charge the going rate. If a woman does not value her skills, the clients won’t either. Women also don’t get paid on time as often as men do. No one knows why; perhaps women are not as aggressive with clients who pay late. It could also be because women are more accommodating, accepting payment methods, such as checks, which people use when they don’t pay promptly.

It is all about Confidence

Reaching your potential as a professional woman in the freelance industry is possible. Just you keep updating your skills. Invest in yourself and your self-development. How are you presenting yourself online? Have you got a Linked in page? What does your profile say? Don’t just put a list of the jobs you had in the past. This is the place where you can really show who you are and what you can do, add all your achievements and why you are the best person for the job. Ask for testimonials from previous clients and don’t be ashamed of bragging a bit just make sure you don’t overdo it to the point of sounding arrogant. There is a difference between confidence and arrogance so follow your instincts.


Create a portfolio of your best work and have the confidence and mindset to put forward your work and charge the going rate.  Be firm; if a client asks you to work for a lower rate,  tell them they get what they pay for and you only produce quality work and if your profile is good they would feel uncomfortable with paying you less. They will respect you and more than likely return after finding someone to work for peanuts and seeing the quality of their work.

“Reaching your potential as a professional woman in the freelance industry is possible.”


Remember, the gender gap only exists in the freelance industry because we women let it. If you undercharge and over-deliver, you make it tougher for other women to get paid the same as their male equivalents. Get in the mindset of seeing yourself as a professional programmer, photographer or graphic artist who deserves a fair rate.

I hope you found this information useful. I would love to hear more about your experiences as a freelancer. Please feel free to comment below.

In the next blog, we will explore many other ideas about different types of business models and other ways to boost your income as a freelancer.

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