Are you feeling stuck in your freelance career?

You are a woman, you have a talent or skill and you are driven. You have taken the step into self-employment, and you left your 9 to 6 job and became a freelancer.

Everything seemed fantastic at the beginning, you have no boss, and life can be beautiful, you can finally do what you love in exchange at the time you choose for earning a living and have more time for yourself, family, travel or whatever you want.

But then, after a while, you realise that things are not precisely as you’ve envisaged. You have good months and not so good months or terrible months. When you have the opportunity, you get more work because you don’t want to say no, so you end up working more and more hours to deliver. Competition increases, your end up lowering your prices or you end up working more without charging more, and it became a vicious circle.

More work and more work

That is how I felt as I have been there. I am a digital designer and a single mum. I was determined to work from home and look after my daughter. I wanted to be able to take her and pick her up from school. And I’ve managed to do just that. I have done for a few years, but I’ve struggled. I’ve struggled financially with inconsistent work; the market became more and more competitive, so any job I would say yes if you answered no to a client when they needed work, that meant losing the client. So I ‘ve carried one like that. Working more and more and long hours and not necessarily earning more, I was barely surviving, just paying the bills really and many times not getting to the end of the month without being overdrawn. I was always very stressed. Then, one day, my daughter told me: Mum, you are a workaholic.

That was a wake-up moment. I had become complacent of my reality and accepted that I was living each day as it came. I felt very much like I was drifting out in the sea, so the wind would take me to any direction. I had no goal. I was living day by day, just trading my time for money. So in my way of thinking, then, I had to work harder to earn more. I knew that was unsustainable, but I didn’t think I had the skills or talent to do like other people who would create a passive income.

It was then when I started to look for books on self-development,
then watching videos about the law of attraction, neuroscience, and how our behaviour is a direct response from our thoughts. I started to understand that our limiting beliefs keep us stuck and repeating the same situations again and again.

I came across this quote from the American abolitionist and social reformer, Frederick Douglas that said: “I didn’t know I was a slave until I found out I couldn’t do the things I wanted.” Of course, I was not a slave in the real sense, but I was a slave of my own limiting beliefs.

“I didn’t know I was a slave until I found out I couldn’t do the things I wanted.” Frederick Douglas

So I signed up for self-development courses, got into meditation and started my search. I wanted to find a way to be a freelancer and create passive income. I wanted to have more quality time with my daughter; I wanted to travel and to do the things I liked without financial or time restrictions.

Work less, work less

One day, this video came up on youtube from a lady in Australia. She was talking about how she managed to turn her life around from a regular job to total freedom with an online business. Our stories were different; she had decided to change when she was diagnosed with cancer. Another reminder that life is too short. Today she is cancer-free, financially free; she works just a few hours a day, she spends more time with her family a. If she could do, I could do it too.

Mum, you are a workaholic!

I have signed up to the free online videos workshops that I am sharing with you on this page. It is training on how to step by step setup a profitable online business that required just a few hours a day, and you could work from anywhere. I must admit, at first, as someone who always worked hard, I thought it was too good to be true, but I had made a commitment to finding a better way to build a business, so I had to keep my scepticism aside and watched the free online training videos. The point is to work smarter instead of harder.

Keep your commitment

I am so glad I did. I have since found what I was looking for. Today I have a clear mind, creating passing income. I still love digital graphics, so I choose the graphic work I want to do rather than feeling that I have to. I have no stress, and I can work from anywhere. It just gives me that flexibility to get back to do all the other things that I love but had abandoned during my hard years. I have also realised that I am now never alone. I get support from a fantastic community that is available 24/7 to help you to succeed. It makes life so much easier. I went from a freelancer to a proper entrepreneur. And, I am not longer a workaholic!

It is about creating an online business to generate income by doing something that you love, whatever that may be.

I have found an amazing online learning platform that has shown me step by step on how to set up a profitable online business.

If you want to find out how I created an income online in any area of interest to you from anywhere in the world, please sign up to our free online workshops now. START HERE.

Trust me; you have nothing to lose! Only to gain!

Me and my daughter

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