“What freelance job is right for me?”


You’ve packed up your desk or cleaned out your locker at your former job, and you’re now ready to become a freelancer. Congratulations on taking the first step to live the life of your dreams. So, what’s your plan?

If you were downsized or just felt that you couldn’t take another moment of working at a life that wasn’t truly yours, then you may not have had time to do all your homework on how to design your freelancer life. That’s okay. There’s no exact rule book or precise timing on taking the steps to regain control of your life. What matters is the here and now and how you’ll use it to map out your journey to becoming a successful freelancer.

Regardless of your circumstances, ask yourself: “What do I really want”?


Success boils down to a singular question of want. Of course, most everyone ‘wants’ success. But, everyone also has their own version of what success entails, which means everyone has their own unique path to get there. How do you find your path? You create it.

Where people get tripped and tangled up in the weeds is trying to follow the path of success others have taken or by allowing themselves to be pushed down a path they didn’t create nor want. Now, is your chance to blaze your own path by paving each step with your own unique wants that lead you to your own unique ideal of success. How do you create this path? You make a map.

If you don’t know where want to go how to do plan to get there?


Your map helps ensure you don’t get lost or off track. This map’s compass is the lifestyle you want to achieve and maintain. Its geographical points are the things you love.

As you construct your map, don’t think about what others expect of you or have told you about yourself. Take a moment to self-reflect. The worst mistake you can make as you design your freelancer life is in keeping the same unfulfilling aspects that spurred you to make this very change for yourself. Make the opportunity count.

If you are planning for your next holiday you don’t imagine yourself going to places where you don’t want to be.


What is it that makes you happy, passionate, motivated, and fulfilled? What can you not live without? What enriches your life with value and meaning? What personal skills and assets work in tandem with the lifestyle you want? The answers to such general questions allow you to tap into the mindset of creating and following your own path to success, which will ultimately allow you to live the life of your dreams.

Now, it’s time to connect the dots on your map by considering more specific wants and any outsider influencers. Do you want to travel or remain at a home-base? Do you want to build your own brand or represent an existing brand? Are you tied to a specific area based on family or personal relationships? Do you have other obligations that affect your course of action? Are there preliminary tasks, such as a certificate, training, or educational requirement, that you’ll need to chart.

What is it that makes you happy, passionate, motivated, and fulfilled? What can you not live without? What enriches your life with value and meaning?


Whether your journey to becoming a freelancer was by necessity or choice, the key to success is your map of wants giving you direction to your own version of an ideal lifestyle. So know what it is you want to do, where you want to do it, and how you want to do it so that you don’t waste the opportunity to live your best life as a successful freelancer.



I hope you found this article useful.  When I started in my freelance career I struggled because I didn’t actually have a plan based on the lifestyle I wanted to have. I made my decisions then, based only on my professional skills and the things I was good at. I did enjoy my career in the creative industry but slowly I became a slave of my own business. I was desperate for getting the next job, I was undercharging, I was working 12 hours a day or more and then once the work finished I didn’t know when I was getting the next one so I then I kept looking for my next job. It was like a circle of events for survival. 

So I saw a video on youtube by a lady in Australia. She was talking about creating an online business, working from anywhere in the world, just a few hours a day and generate much higher income. I was sceptical at first. I had the belief that to make money you need to work hard. Well, I was living proof of how wrong that belief was. So I signed up to the free workshop videos by Stuart Ross that she sent the link to and since then I don’t look back. It is not a get rich quick scheme I assure you. You have to do the work but these videos completely changed my life for the better. The internet offers immense opportunities and once you learn the skills you can run a business, grow and make a substantial income. I was no longer a slave of my time. And that is why I created this blog. I had to learn the hard way but you don’t have to. Just click on the Free Online Business Workshops and sign up?  They are the same videos I started which gave great insights and I couldn’t be more grateful. 

I hope you have a wonderful day and feel free to  comment below or contact me on milenne@femalefreelancer.com


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